The Silver Fox Fabrics Blog

  • Supernatural Round

    Are you a Supernatural Fan? We are too! Here's a look at our Supernatural Inspired conversation heart round.  And a few floral prints too.
  • Patriotic Round

    Celebrate with some Red White and Blue Patriotic Prints. Some inspired by our patriotism and some of our favorite super heroes.  Check out the collection here.
  • Grunge Round

    We love the 90's! especially the grunge music scene.  Brings back a ton of memories. Check out our Grunge inspired prints here.
  • Starlight and Glass Round

    Check out our latest Starlight and Glass Round. These are some designs inspired by the Mass book series Acotar and Thrown of Glass.
  • Sabrina Round

  • Wizard Watercolor Round

    Attention Hogwarts students! its time for the sorting hat to select your house.  Or you can select your own in this Wizard Water Color Round.  you can view this Potter inspired round here.
  • Handmaids Round

  • It's Good to Be Bad Round

  • Fall Round

  • Bob's Holiday Round

  • Bob's Round

    Which member of the Belcher family best represents you?  We love all the members of the family.  Take a look at these Belcher Family inspired prints in this Bob's Round.  Check out all the prints here.
  • Goth Round

    We are definitely a fan of the Halloween spirit. Celebrate all year long with this goth inspired prints. Check them all out here.