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Hi Everybody! You've most likely found us from our fabric website because you love fabric too! I'm Angie, the wife and mom in the Silver Fox Family and fabric junkie that caused the whole store. I'll be doing most of the blogging on this here site so I figured I'd tell you a little bit about myself, the family and the business I'll be blogging about.

So first off, I'll tell you a little about our family. Mr. Silver Fox Fabric's and I met over ten years ago at work. I remember seeing him walk into work with long hair to work the overnight shift and immediately liking his vibe. I told my friend who was standing with me, "I'm gonna marry that man someday". It was a complete and total joke because I probably never would have spoken to him at work, but I knew I wanted to. Sure enough, the universe heard me and we ran into each other outside of work and started talking and basically never stopped. We got our first house and first child, Frannie, our rescue dog within a few years after that fateful night.

Soon came marriage, then mini fox number one, our boy who we'll call J-man in this blog. A couple years later, we had another mini fox, a girl who we'll call the squirrel here. After her, I left the workforce - a successful career that I had worked my way up in as did Eric. So many people tell me I'm a princess because I get to stay home, or think that we're loaded. The honest truth is, even with a successful career at a management level, once we had two mini foxes - to pay for daycare for them would be essentially me just paying not to raise my kids. The money was so close to break even that I did get to follow one of my dreams of being a full time mom. We decided to take our chances at scraping by on one income, so in this blog you may see some money saving tips or tips on obtaining some side cash. 

As with having two kiddos, any blogger that's a mom will inevitably write about her journey in mother hood, things that work for me as a parent, fun activities to keep them babies busy. In addition to just being a mom, I'm also an autism mom. The J-man is beautifully and wonderfully differently brained, as is my brother so there may be the occasional blog on autism or autism parenting or nuerodiversity. It's my job as someone with a voice to share my experiences and spread the word about our nuerodiverse world the struggles we face but more importantly the wins and how to make the world a better place for all brains. 

So, back to the fabric and how that all ties in. Remember how I said I was in management? Well, yeah, I sorta liked to work and was relatively good at working - project planning, creativity, having goals and deadlines and meeting them. You might think kids will keep you busy, and they will, but I also needed something for myself.

I started my first small business making baby clothing and selling it on etsy. It was short lived, and a definite learning experience which resulted in an excess of fabric. Once we realized that buying fabric at JoAnn's was overpriced and breaking the bank, Eric saw an opportunity to buy wholesale. Which was much cheaper, but as I said my first business, well - it was a learning experience. Maybe eventually I'll share more about those experiences and my current business outside fabric, but for now - I really want to focus here, with you. 

We wound up with lots of fabric, and being the business man that he is and the lover of fabric that I am - we decided fabric might just be the perfect business for us. And - I'm pretty impressed at the fabric expert he's become, my grandma would've been proud. I've experimented with other handmade businesses and the people I've met and things I've learned in the community have been amazing and beautiful. I love seeing something that is completely awe inspiring that someone in our lovely little handmade community has made with their own two hands. 

I've been sewing and crocheting since I can remember with help from my grandmother who was a seamstress for many years. You may see pattern reviews here, things I'm making or working on AND I'd love to showcase what you've made. If you want to share it that is. I love helping build this community of small shops and handmade businesses.  So that's me and the Silver Fox Family! I hope you enjoy being here with us! 

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