What Happened to Mortal Threads?

Hi everyone! Angie here, fabric designer and hoarder. You may know that I used to run my own store filled with printed goodies of my design. It's actually the reason I got into designing custom fabric. You see, one day I had listed a pair of my custom leggings in an auction group and someone shared the photo looking for the fabric, not knowing I hadn't sewn it myself only designed it. So we decided to take our little fabric store in the direction of custom prints. 

As I continued designing fabrics and printed products, I found that there was a lot of things I wanted to do in both stores which I felt to be unfair to any of the seamstresses sewing my fabrics seeing as having the products printed and sewn I would be undercutting their prices.

Another thing happened, kind of a big little thing, I got pregnant and I closed Mortal for a time so I could focus on the fabric and my pregnancy. Now that we have a family of three combining the stores seemed like the logical thing to do.

It's been stressful trying to decide which designs should go where so I've decided to just stick with one. This means if you've loved any of my Mortal Threads designs and loved them, you'll probably start seeing them work their way into fabric runs. Mortal Threads was my creative outlet prior to Silver Fox running customs, and now that Silver Fox is a custom fabric store I am able to both hoard fabric through it as well as have a creative outlet. 

Mortal Threads was a labor of love, and I hope to bring all of that love that had to be split between the two into one big pile of love right here at Silver Fox Fabrics. 

If you don't sew, but are looking for Mortal Threads designs, please feel free to contact me and I can connect you with one of our amazing strike off seamstresses to get you what you'r looking for.